Limited Time Citizenship Opportunity

While The Republic of Slowjamastan will not be publicly offering citizenship on a wide-scale basis until mid-2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently offering limited citizenship opportunities to selected individuals.


OBJECTIVE: We are quietly building The Republic of Slowjamastan behind the scenes and, by design, will not debut our nation until all the pieces are in place. When that time comes, we have a very heavy and aggressive rollout plan to introduce The Republic of Slowjamastan to the world – this includes international press, not limited to television, radio and newsprint. Until then, we will be offering citizenship to a very limited amount of applicants. These applicants will hold the responsibility of helping us build the nation and prepare it for its public debut. This initial group of citizens will assist in constructing a digital footprint online for The Republic of Slowjamastan. This is as simple as subscribing to and engaging in discussion with our social media channels and leaving reviews for our nation on respective websites and networks. Members of this group may also be invited to participate in internal and confidential meetings, be asked to share ideas with our government and participate in discussions and planning sessions. For those citizens who are able to join us on location, they will be invited to experience Slowjamastan before the general public, on the ground and within its borders.


REQUIREMENTS: Below are the requirements for citizenship for The Republic of Slowjamastan.


1. Complete application in full (below). After you submit the application, you are not done! Kindly follow the additional instructions and requirements below.


You can read all Slowjamastan laws and regulations on our website. Read them, love them, practice them.


2. Submit one passport photo (digitally). Photo must meet standard passport photo requirements (Must must have a white background and subject must face the camera directly, with both ears visible, neutral facial expression, etc.) This may be taken at home against a white wall with good lighting, or at any establishment that offers passport photos. Email photo to:


3. Subscribe to/follow all* of the nation’s social media accounts:
     Slowjamastan Instagram
     Slowjamastan Facebook page
     Slowjamastan Consulate Facebook page
     Slowjamastan Twitter
     Slowjamastan YouTube
     Slowjamastan consulate LinkedIn page

*if you don’t have accounts with all of the platforms, it’s okay.

4. Interact with all of the social media accounts above.
Interaction includes (but not
   limited to) commenting, liking, tagging, sharing, etc. If you don’t have accounts with all of the platforms, it’s okay.


5. Submit reviews on at last THREE of the following accounts (ALL FIVE if you intend to be appointed to our Parliament)
    Consulate of The Republic of Slowjamastan on Google
    Consulate of The Republic of Slowjamastan on Yelp
    Consulate of The Republic of Slowjamastan on Tripadvisor
    Consulate of The Republic of Slowjamastan on Facebook
    Republic of Slowjamastan (the nation) on Facebook
    Consulate of The Republic of Slowjamastan on merchantcircle  

Please see existing reviews for examples. Reviews should be fun and creative.


This is a very exciting and special opportunity. Please allow between 48-hours to 30 days for approval (or denial). We look forward to welcoming you into our nation.