Slowjamastan National Flag Decal  – 4″ x 2.25″



Show your loyalty and support for The Republic of Slowjamastan with this limited-edition national flag decal.

The colors come alive! From the sand dunes and blazing Slowjamastan sun, to our national animal–that crazy but sexy,  axe-wielding killer raccoon–this quality flag decal can be stuck on your car window, laptop, wall, your neighbor’s forehead…just about anywhere!

Specs: 4″ x 2.25″, high quality decal.

Price: $1.99 + $1.49 shipping and handling.
Total: $3.98
This is the price for Slowjamastan and United States only. International orders, please contact us for shipping price.
You can Venmo $3.98 to @sundaynightslowjams or use the Paypal link here: