APRIL 20, 2022



Dublândia, Republic of Slowjamastan: At approximately 5:29PM Slowjamastan Standard Time, Slowjamastani Intelligence alerted The Office of The Sultan of two illegal aliens who managed to penetrate border security.  


“Your Excellency, there’s been a breach,” exclaimed a clearly upset but cool-headed Commander Matthew Conde upon The Sultan answering his emergency “Red Phone.”


“Activate the landmines at once,” fired back a clearly angered Sultan, with no hesitation and a voice as commanding as a Burmese tiger’s roar after a spicy burrito from Rigoberto’s.


“But wait, Your Excellency! If I may?” Commander Conde interjected with urgency: “One of them is a young lady. And she’s completely naked!”


“Well this changes everything,” answered His Excellency.


Needless to say, The Sultan quickly retracted his finger from the big red button to pause the explosions. 



With red lights, sirens and 2 Live Crew‘s “Shake a Lil’ Somethin’,” pounding from 18-inch subwoofers in the back, The Sultan, along with Slowjamastani Special Forces, arrived at the capital about 40 minutes later, but the suspects had escaped. A search is underway and bulletins have been delivered to neighboring United States and Mexico.


The two undocumented individuals are now fugitives and have been placed on Slowjamastan’s Most Wanted list for committing the crimes listed below:


002009212.04 – Planning and initiating a nude photo shoot without inviting The Sultan.

0098112871.02 – Completing a nude photo shoot without sending the full, high-quality photos to The Sultan.



Citizens should note, complete or partial public nudity inside Slowjamastan is legal (and encouraged, actually) for females over the age of 18 with proper ID. However, depending on your circumstances, you may be asked to get dressed at any time.


We’ve yet to obtain a statement from our Chief Border Patrol Agent, Mark Corona, but we did capture this image of him observing the infractions.



If you see the individuals pictured, do not approach, but dial The Consulate of Slowjamastan immediately, at (888) 756-5267


Together, we can make Slowjamastan a better place for everyone.


We’ll keep you updated as more details unfold.


37 thoughts on “News Alert: Unauthorized Nude Photo Shoot Stuns Sultan, Citizens

  1. I’m relieved there were no injuries or damage to the Republic’s infrastructure. An upgrade to higher resolution security cameras might be in order . . . just sayin’.

  2. Max Apodaca says:

    I think we should have emergency alerts texted to our phones in instances like this, the sending number should be 911-0024 so we know the severity!

  3. Belle Starr says:

    In the interest of fairness, might you also explore a few shocking photos of semi-naked young men. Yours, Belle Starr

  4. I think the SIA Slowjamastani Intelligence Agency
    needs a bigger budget so they can upgrade the camera image quality

  5. The boldness of these perpetrators should be noted. Anyone with nottybitx that big will probably use all means at their disposal to evade capture. The man should be locked up, at least until he informs, in advance, the Sultans office, of any upcoming photo shoots. The young lady should be brought to the Sultans of for interrogation.

  6. The security forces of Slowjamastan seem to be woefully inadequate. There should be video in 8k resolution and 30fps minimum to detect intrusion. This is critical for the safety and integrity of your international border. Please address this immediately so any future intrusion can be documented properly!

  7. Things must be pretty slow in Slowjamastan for such an event to be needed to be grossly inflated into an important news item. Or is everything just supposed to be a joke there? Just sayin…

  8. Ken Willis says:

    Sultan – Your leadership has brought this great dictatorship so far since 1 Dec. 2021 That i would never question your judgement. However without a clearer photograph i can not be sure but does that look like an Arizona beaver to you. It seems odd that after electing not to go to war with Yuma that a distraction of this magnitude would occur. While the female is naked and distracting the border guards the man is seen taking high resolution photos of the communication infrastructure . I would caution all citizens to be watchful for Arizona Beaver within the borders……Thanks….Ken

  9. Just give me a super soaker 3000 and 10 gallons of ammo and I’ll make sure this never happens again!
    P.S maybe a high quality camera just in case it does happen though

  10. Joshua M Henson says:

    Sultan, would you happen to have any 5 or 6 figure careers available yet in Slowjamistan? Perhaps I could train an army of racoon soldiers? Surly that would be a six figure career!

  11. Your Excellency, are there any indications that your newly founded nation, clearly under better leadership than her surrounding (and as they may well attempt to argue at some point in the future) *host* nation, may soon become overwhelmed by refugees that may tax resources and available space for development of new, emerging statehood therein?

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